Posted 3 months ago

So I guess this is what happens when flanoir-bunny and I finally meet.

Posted 3 months ago

ColossalCon 2014!

Posted 3 months ago

PopCon 2014!

Posted 3 months ago

Step 3 (final) complete. Black Dog Sword looks pretty awesome. Introduce Dark Danny pls.

Posted 3 months ago

Costume is starting to come together.

Posted 4 months ago

Step 2 finally complete. Modeling EVA foam is way harder than I expected, so a lot of my time was spent becoming decent at working with it. Sneak peek at the clothing I’m using before I chop and sew it together for the costume.

Posted 5 months ago

Step 1 complete.

Posted 5 months ago
Posted 5 months ago




For the first time in my life, I had fast food after alcohol tonight.  It’s such a magical experience and I recommend it for all responsible drinkers.  Highlight of my week. 

you need to try this with taco bell.

Taco Bell with EVERYTHING, yes.

You can get guacamole on anything at Taco Bell for $0.35 extra. Everything. All the time.

Posted 6 months ago


Indiana Comic Con was a blast, and everyone there was awesome!

Korra! You were awesome. I have you up in one of my photos.